Expert Coverage.

Independent Analysis.

World Class Execution.

Who We Are.

Spectra defines the field of FX intermediation. Since 2007 Spectra has pioneered the model of agency execution, developing peerless relationships with clients and liquidity providers. Our staff is built from some of the most experienced and highly rated sales and trading professionals in the industry. Our rapidly growing list of over 100 clients contains many of the biggest Hedge Funds and Asset Managers in the world. Our market leading position in the FX agency space leads to top tier pricing, and we have a unique pool of non-bank liquidity provision.

What We Do.

Spectra works as a trusted partner with clients to provide top quality strategy, analysis and portfolio structuring. With our unrivalled pool of unique liquidity, we utilize our anonymous execution capabilities to provide better execution for our clients in FX spot, forwards and options.

A Unique Spectrum

Of Liquidity.

As liquidity in the FX market becomes ever more fragmented, Spectra provides a venue that draws together the best avenues of execution in the market. Our unique selling point is the ability to access new forms of liquidity unavailable to many clients through standard bank relationships. Combined with tier 1 pricing from traditional liquidity providers, we are able to offer fully anonymous pricing that will exceed all expectations in both spot and option execution.

A Provider

Of Solutions.

Spectra is proud to be the firm that our clients turn to for information, analysis and input. We offer both quantitative and qualitative analysis, tailored for each individual client. We work with clients to pull together market themes into the best tradeable expressions. With our wide and growing network of risk takers, we are able to facilitate high level dialogue between market participants.