Our Business

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Spectra Holdings, the company strives to be the one-stop shop for foreign exchange service across the spectrum of products for the most demanding institutional clients in the world. Through a combination of unique collective real-time market expertise, unrivalled access to FX liquidity and ‘best in class’ market content; the Spectra family of companies maintains its unrelenting focus on helping our clients achieve their goals in the foreign exchange industry.

Liquidity – Spectra has spent years cultivating relationships with traders at banks and as a result maintains excellent direct liquidity. In addition, we speak to a range of smaller and regional banks, as well as various non-bank market makers resulting in a pool of liquidity that is deep and differentiated.

Market Expertise – The team at Spectra comprises of individuals from the top investment banks and hedge funds, many of them in a risk taking capacity across many different products. This allows us to better understand our client needs and tailor our coverage accordingly.

Aligned incentives – Spectra does not take any proprietary risk and our unrelenting focus is on helping our clients achieve their goals